Exhibition: Start with Art

Start with Art  April 21 – June 2, 2018  Seymour Art Gallery , 4360 Gallant Ave, Deep Cove   Opening Reception : Sunday, April 22 • 2pm - 4pm

Start with Art
April 21 – June 2, 2018
Seymour Art Gallery, 4360 Gallant Ave, Deep Cove
Opening Reception: Sunday, April 22 • 2pm - 4pm

Start with Art... this weekend! Bring the whole family to Seymour Art Gallery the opening of Start with Art, an annual exhibition that focuses on encouraging young people to appreciate, collect, and curate their own art collection – with a special price list just for kids 16 and younger!

I'll have seven pieces on display, ready to add to your collection... unless they are snapped up by a young art enthusiast first!


I'm proud to be showing work alongside a fabulous roster of local artists: Kristian Adam, Amelia Butcher, Sarah Clement, Shima Itabashi, Sandeep Johal, Anne Love, Ron Love, Megan Majewski, Liane McLaren, Meghan Parker, Tessa Reed, Robin Reid, Sarah Ronald, Bronwyn Schuster, M. A. Tateishi, and Kate Whitehead.

Word is there'll be face painting and button making at the opening! And they've even created a colouring wall. That's right, you... I mean, kids* can colour on the wall! Plus, there are free workshops being offered in May in tandem with Start with Art - including one that I'm presenting!

So pack up them babies and head out to Deep Cove for a family fun day of art, gorgeous scenery, and doughnut from Honey's (it's mandatory; be ready to show your receipt on your way out of town)! While you're there, be sure to visit the beautiful curated selection of special somethings at Room6, too!

* And also you. 😉